Extreme Long Range Shooting Gear Recommendations

More Extreme Long Range Shooting Gear advice – Experience from the field

Here are a few Long Range Shooting Gear recommendations to start with!

What tools and supplies are needed for cleaning an ELR rifle? Our gear list HERE.

What is the best bipod for ELR Shooting? Click HERE.

What do we think about scopes?

Vortex Viper review HERE by David Bott and HERE by Scott Austin

Vortex Razor review HERE.

We have been using this scope for a while now and love it! It is more challenging for beginners to see through than a Vortex, but the glass quality is excellent! You can find it online or if you are in Jackson Hole, stop by JD-High Country Outfitters.

Kahles Scope Extreme Long Range Shooting
Reticle for Kahles Scope

Best scope for a 6.5 Creedmore?  Actually, it is spelled “Creedmoor” but I get what you are asking.  This Vortex Razor is pretty great, read an honest review HERE.

One of the best spotting scopes for long range shooting is honestly reviewed HERE.

Long Range Shooting Gear
Shepard and Scott spotting with their old scopes

Best Rangefinders

Scott uses this incredible device: https://amzn.to/3iPNDEc

Shepard has used many over the years, and really loves his Sig Kilo 2000, which seems to read better and further than the Kilo 2200. The furthest reading was off a cargo trailer at 3,400 yards, however more normal is about a mile. In other words, it is a great long range rangefinder, but not the best for ELR.

Cleaning rod
TIPS: Buy 2 so that you don’t have to change the jag/brush constantly.  Always go long length, if not for your current rifle; for your next one!

Cleaning jag for 6.5 This is the Parker Hale style, the cool kids prefer it.  This one is for female thread.  For male thread try this one.

More great cleaning gear ideas HERE.

*Disclaimer.  Are we slinging junk because we get kickbacks?  NO. We ONLY recommend gear that we use and love.  We provide links to reputable places to buy the gear, and as affiliates, some of the companies we recommend give us a few cents as a thanks for telling our clients about them.  If you want the big companies to keep 100% of what you pay rather than sharing a few cents with us, geesh, why are you being like that?  Let us know and we can show you how to buy at the same price without us getting a share.


The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Long Range Shooting