More Extreme Long Range Shooting Gear recommendations – coming soon!

For now, here are a few top Long Range Shooting Gear picks to start with!  Don’t forget to give us your info so that we can let you know when our book launches!

We have been using this scope for a while now and love it! It is more challenging for beginners to see through than a Vortex, but the glass quality is excellent! You can find it online or if you are in Jackson Hole, stop by JD-High Country Outfitters.

Kahles Scope Extreme Long Range Shooting
Reticle for Kahles Scope

Best scope for a 6.5 Creedmore?  Actually, it is spelled “Creedmoor” but I get what you are asking.  This Vortex Razor is pretty great, read an honest review HERE.

One of the best spotting scopes for long range shooting is honestly reviewed HERE.

Long Range Shooting Gear
Shepard and Scott spotting with their old scopes

Best Rangefinders

Scott uses this incredible device:

Shepard has used many over the years, and really loves his Sig Kilo 2000, which seems to read better and further than the Kilo 2200. The furthest reading was off a cargo trailer at 3,400 yards, however more normal is about a mile. In other words, it is a great long range rangefinder, but not the best for ELR.

Cleaning rod
TIPS: Buy 2 so that you don’t have to change the jag/brush constantly.  Always go long length, if not for your current rifle; for your next one!

Cleaning jag for 6.5 This is the Parker Hale style, the cool kids prefer it.  This one is for female thread.  For male thread try this one.

Best Bipods for ELR Shooting?

Cleaning supplies

  1. A toolbox or fishing tackle box to hold your gear.  I suggest one that has room to have aerosol cans stand upright.
  2. Rubber gloves, keeping in mind that your hands might be sensitive to certain plastics.
  3. Eye protection.  Really. The probability of chemicals splashing around is pretty high.
  4. Brushes are great.  Because of my psychological problem of hoarding, I have far too many toothbrushes, steel brushes and scrub brushes.  If you ever see a unique brush, I bet you will someday be able to use it on one of your guns so you should definitely buy it.  If you don’t use it, let me know and I will take it.
  5. Bore brushes for each caliber.  Start with 5. Nylon or bronze work well.
  6. Shop towels of the blue mechanic type.
  7. Cotton rags
  8. Cleaning patches appropriate for each caliber
  9. Cleaning rods.  Buy 2 or 3, and I suggest long and skinny because you will be able to use them on not only your current rifles, but also on your next ones.  Do NOT use the sectional cheapo rods.
  10. Jags appropriate for the caliber, I prefer the push-through or “pierce-style” jags over loop jags.
  11. Bore guides for each rifle / chambering 
  12. Cheapo Brake Cleaner
  13. CLP (Clean – Lubricate – Protect) Remington’s Rem Oil is great
  14. Cleaning solvents  KG-1 carbon remover, KG-12 Copper remover, Butches Bore Shine
  15. Gun oil, it really does not matter what brand.
  16. Gun grease, I like Shooter’s Choice
  17. Q-Tips
  18. Gunsmith Screwdriver kit
  19. Toothpicks, both wood and plastic and my dental hygienist even gave me one of her old worn out professional picks.


*Disclaimer.  Are we slinging junk because we get kickbacks?  We ONLY recommend gear that we use and love.  We provide links to reputable places to buy the gear, and as affiliates, some of the companies we recommend give us a few cents as a thanks for telling our clients about them.  If you want the big companies to keep 100% of what you pay rather than sharing a few cents with us, geesh, why are you being like that?  Let us know and we can show you how to buy at the same cost without us getting a share.


The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Long Range Shooting