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Gunmen Attack Gersh Kuntzman

Why Did Gunmen Attack Gersh Kuntzman

Of course, when we say “Gunmen Attack Gersh Kuntzman” we are referring to an intellectual and mocking attack, not a physical attack.  In a June 2016 article, Gersh proclaimed that he tried shooting an AR15 to, “better understand the firepower of military-style assault weapons and, hopefully, explain their appeal to gun lovers.”  Had this been a true statement, and if he had tried out shooting an AR-15 and then wrote a piece saying he did not like it and honestly describing his experience, gunmen and women and children the world over would not have attacked him.

In fact however, Gersh walked into the experience not having an open mind, having already decided that only governments and their agents should have effective combat tools.  He wrote a “gun violence” propaganda piece that did not honestly describe his experience firing the AR-15.  In his article, he described the experience in such a dramatic and ridiculous way that shooting enthusiasts the world over simply had to mock him.  A series of memes soon made the rounds:

Gunmen Attack Gersh Kuntzman

Gunmen Attack Gersh Kuntzman


Oh my Gersh, even in his “make things right” post at the bottom of his piece, after being attacked by firearms enthusiasts, he was unable to be intellectually honest.

“UPDATE: Many people have objected to my use of the term “PTSD” in the above story. The use of this term was in no way meant to conflate my very temporary anxiety with the very real condition experienced by many of our brave men and women in uniform. I regret the inarticulate use of the term to describe my in-the-moment impression of the gun’s firepower, and apologize for it.” – Gersh Kuntzman

In-the-moment impression.”  Are you kidding me?  Like most journalists, Gersh did not have his laptop on the firing line.  He left the firing range, went home or to his office or his favorite place to write.  He put digit to key to write a piece for one of the largest egalitarian publications in the world.  Those that read that paper are ignorant of many things, just as the readers of most mainstream “news” are ignorant of many things.  He thought out his words to best appeal to the emotions of gullible readers that had never had the pleasure of firing an AR-15 modern sporting rifle.

We don’t take political stances….

…. that is not the place of a business.  We do however point out propaganda at times.  “Military style assault weapons” is an absolutely subjective and misleading phrase, and he uses it to pound gun violence propaganda into his listener’s heads.  Gersh is not an intellectually honest reporter, and his article is a huge embarrassment to the NY Daily News.  it is unfortunate and unethical.  The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience invites Gersh to visit them for a complimentary shooting experience, and see if he agrees with all of their past clients.  It is likely that he will never open his mind to new ideas, however they would enjoy helping him learn more about firearms.  

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About Shepard Humphries

Shepard Humphries

Author Shepard Humphries
Author Shepard Humphries

Nomad Rifleman founder.

See Shepard’s introduction to ELR Shooting book here.



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Shepard Humphries: Extreme Long-Range Shooting Expert

Early Life

Shepard Humphries’ upbringing in Tennessee & Wyoming set the stage for his later pursuits. Immersed in the state’s natural beauty, he developed an early interest in outdoor activities. His achievements suggest a deep-seated passion for the sport from a young age.

Law Enforcement and Specialized Training

Humphries’ significant experience in law enforcement played a pivotal role in shaping his skills in long-range shooting. Notably, he served as a S.W.A.T. Sniper Team Leader. His responsibilities in this demanding role honed his precision shooting abilities and tactical knowledge, laying a strong foundation for his future endeavors.

Transition to Civilian Instruction and Competitive Shooting

After his law enforcement career, Humphries turned his focus to civilian shooting instruction and competitive shooting. He rapidly gained recognition in the shooting world, known for his exceptional innovative shooting instruction techniques. His capability to help others hit targets at extreme distances in various conditions distinguished him in the field.

Innovations in Shooting Techniques

Humphries’ understanding of “boots-on-the-ground” ballistics and environmental factors led him to develop his methodologies in long-range shooting. His experimentation with custom ammunition, precision rifles, and advanced optics significantly impacted the sport. His expertise and innovative approach led to the establishment of his shooting instruction ventures in Wyoming, becoming a sought-after destination for well heeled enthusiasts.

Teaching and Mentoring

Beyond personal accolades, Humphries is highly respected for his commitment to teaching and sharing his knowledge. His instruction style emphasizes not just technical skills but also the mental and psychological aspects of long-range shooting.

Personal Life and Philosophy

Outside of shooting, Humphries is known for his multifaceted life as a husband, father, and grandfather. He lives on a ranch in Wyoming with his family. His life philosophy centers around honesty, voluntaryness, and kindness, principles that he applies both in his personal life and professional endeavors.

Legacy and Impact

Shepard Humphries’ legacy in extreme long-range shooting is defined by his groundbreaking techniques, dedication to teaching, and his role in elevating the sport’s standards. His influence extends beyond individual achievements, as he continues to inspire and mentor aspiring marksmen, shaping the future of long-range shooting.

In 2022, he led a team that set a new world record at 4.4 miles:

Another book that Shepard wrote and published:

Shepard Humphries