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Best long range shooting book?

What is the best long range shooting book?

Shepard first began reading about long range in the old classic book by John Plaster, The Ultimate Sniper. There have been many books since, and almost all have something good to offer.

We discovered that most had problems including the author’s desire to sound brilliant and “talk above” his audience and the inclusion of things that didn’t REALLY matter all that much.

We discovered that most covered basic details, some in a more understandable manner. Some, like Brian Litz books, serve as a great resource. Some were too technical, and some were a bit too simplistic.

We wanted to produce a book that combined all of the best, discarded things that were not as important and that was fun to read! We also wanted to address shooting from a target shooting sports perspective, not from that of a killer of humans who were born on the wrong team or other animals killed for their tastiness. Our book is not about sniping people or hunting animals.

Another issue we noticed is that all existing books primarily focused on mid and long range shooting, and that none did a good job focusing on the growing sport of Extreme Long Range (ELR) Shooting or Extended ELR shooting. One book with LER included in the title boasted shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor out to 1,000 yards. That is fun stuff, but it isn’t extreme long range.

What is “Extreme Long Range?”

Generally, mid-range shooting is considered 300 to 600 yards, 600 to 1,200 is considered long range, 1,200 yards to one mile is considered extreme long range (ELR), and one mile and beyond is considered Extended ELR. 

Some shooters have used the term “extended long range” interchangeably with “extreme.”

        • Mid-Range: 300 to 600 yards
        • Long-Range: 600 to 1,200 yards
        • Extreme Long Range (ELR): 1,200 yards to one mile
        • Extended ELR: Beyond 1,800 yards

Some serious long range shooters will disagree about the arbitrary distances we mention above, which is a good thing because it makes for excellent post-match arguments with these light-beer drinkers.

We borrowed from all of the good books, added our experience teaching thousands of people to shoot and hope we hit the mark. We hope that Extreme Long Range Shooting Fun is a worthwhile addition to your library and that you will rank it as the best long range shooting book that you own.

Best long range shooting book



By nomadrifleman

Author Shepard Humphries is an extreme long range shooting instructor, founder of the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, Nomad Rifleman and Shepard Security Solutions among other ventures.

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