Extreme Long Range Shooting Book.

An Easy How-To Book for the Beginning One Mile+ Precision Rifle Shooter

by Shepard Humphries & Scott Austin, the Nomad Riflemen

We began this Ultimate Guide to Extreme Long Range Shooting Fun book many years ago and have provided it to our private long range shooting clients.  Recipients were very complimentary of the booklet, so Scott and I decided to write a full book, the kind with binding and everything.  

Ultimate Guide to Extreme Long Range Shooting Fun
Ultimate Guide to Extreme Long Range Shooting Fun
As with our live teaching style, our goal is not to impress you with how much we know.  (If we ever wind up knowing much, we might change our tactic). In our extreme long range shooting book we cover equipment selection, fundamentals, ballistics, reloading, optics reviews, what is important and more importantly; what isn’t worth worrying about. 
We are purposefully making the book less “scientific” and instead our focus is on fun.  We believe in the 80 – 20 rule and simplicity, and we keep starting sections of more technical stuff, then we step back and realize that a person that has less than 2,000 rounds through a long range rifle does not REALLY need to know that stuff.
This book is not for dummies, it is written for the above average Joe, but not the post doctorate engineer that likes being technically correct to the 37th decimal point and hates hugs.  The following guy will find many technical omissions and “rounding ups” that will drive him nuts.
Hug an engineer day
This book is NOT for 1,000 yard competition shooters, military snipers, law enforcement marksmen or big game hunters.  Yes, these folks would likely benefit from it, but our focus is on recreational shooting way beyond 1,000 yards.  Try our Guide to Extreme Long Range Shooting Fun and let us know what you think.